Tuesday, March 17, 2009

they can be cute sometimes

here are some videos of my classes. the first is my smart class. they actually behave...and the love flash cards...the second video is my homeroom class during lunch. they still don't understand that i don't speak korean...so they ask me the same question over and over and get to the point of almost crying...there's not a whole lot of substance to these videos, just a glimpse at my day to day...hope you enjoy? i'll post again later.


  1. too cute. its good to keep posted on your life. i'm glad you got your guitar too. are you getting to leave earlier yet or still having to stay there for forever at night?

    If you've got a photocopier you could draw a a few rectangles, circles, squares on a piece of white paper and then photocopy it. then have them cut it out and make pictures with them....like snowmen and houses and trains and stuff. they would just need to glue it down and then color. i mean, since you've got the shape flashcards going already....

  2. Oh Josh, imagine you, molding young minds.....[shutters]. But really, this is so special. You seem more of a nurturer than I ever knew. But, be careful not to raise your voice too much...one of those little girls in the first video seemed hurt by your possibly perceived disappointment.

  3. don't worry, these kids are hard as nails.they're manipulative little tricksters who can call poseidon to their eyes in an instant. i have about one kid cry everyday. at first it bothered me, now i'm numb to it.

  4. is the american dude in the background of the second video the one who packed the MEAT?! so ridiculous!

    i like how you seemed to be playing peek-a-boo with the flash cards. they were really excited about the game and engaged. well done, teacher man!

    they're really cute; though, ryan's technicolor earring is disturbing.

  5. Andy's going places man. That kid's got something you can't teach....instinct.

  6. haha call posidon to their eyes. Josh your kids are too cute. And I love how your second class is the one who was making faces.


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