Tuesday, March 31, 2009

going to guam

the cute girl in the "hardcore seoul" video i posted a few weeks ago added me as a friend on myspace...i should deny her, right?

so i guess things were much better at work and i hope they continue to stay that way. i don't think it's going to be any better anywhere else to be quite honest. i don't care about the work load, but i just want my employers to be civil...either way, i guess i'm going to guam this week. i'm leaving thursday night and am staying there until sunday. i looked up the temperature and it seems to perpetually be room temperature outside...the only bad thing is that they have these terrifying snakes that have no natural predators on the island...oh, and they're "slightly" venemous...for me though, there's no "slightly" about it...they're either poisonous as fuck or not, and either way, it's not the poison that scares me about snakes...it's the idea that there is a legless creature that can move much faster than myself and IT BITES YOU with FANGS. even indiana jones was afraid of snakes and he was a man's man, so i don't want to hear anything about it.

the only thing about the trip i'm bummed about is that i have to go w/one of my co-teachers. this girl is a self-proclaimed church girl who is dating/sleeping with a married man. he's a soldier and his wife is back home. i've made my disapproval known. initially, my disapproval took on the kindest tone possible (eh, you probably shouldn't do that) and slowly it's evolved into (look, you're kind of a bad person)...it turned that way because she started talking to me about her sex life (and i am not in any way interested in her or her sex life) and she sort of glories in the wrongness of it all. so perhaps my approach is a bit off...some people have shared with me upon occasion that i can be...hmmm...abrasive? yes, that's exactly the word. but i don't know...me and stick in the mud have to spend the weekend in guam together. i'm taking "brothers karamazov" and saying that i'm busy all weekend. go to the beach, get sunburned, bitten by some "slightly" venemous snakes, and call it a day.

shopping: the clothes here are almost always incredibly nice looking (at least on koreans) and so i went to look at clothes. a pair of levis was about 70$ and a sweater i liked was about 100$!!! where is the south korean thrift store??? luckily homeplus, the reportedly ethical version of walmart in korea, has some relatively cheap stuff...now i just need to get some of my girl friends to take me shopping...you don't understand, being here makes me feel like such a slob. the way that people dress is...so thought out. i imagine people buying outfits and putting it all the same hanger and never separating the items. i wear t-shirts and jeans and my too-big-for-me hoodie w/the frayed sleeves. they wear nice clothes all the time...i can't compete with that! how is hardcore seoul girl going to feel if i can't keep up with the times!? what will others think!?

p.s. showers are not a pleasure here because they only last for 5 minutes because i have a very small heating tank. baths are not an option and it's not that i took many, but i miss the option of the bath.

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  1. I know what you mean about how people dress. When I was in London, I felt that all the women made such an effort; I felt like a ragged American. I vowed that when I got back to the states that I would try harder...but that didn't last very long.


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