Wednesday, March 4, 2009

i may not be able to talk long. my computer is running out of battery and i have blown up THREE converters. they blow up for no reason. they should all technically work...maybe not the first one i bought, but anyway...i'm afraid it will destroy my computer. the plugs here are 220 or 240 or something...either way, america is 110v, so i have to get down converters. no problem, i buy computer plug says 110-250v and so i was told all i need was a converter, so i got the right one. this was confirmed by many a now i'm almost out of battery life and i have the light as dim as it will go on the screen...that leaves me with 2.5 hours of life left. please help me figure this out since i won't be able to look it up very much and i don't even have an address right i can't order anything to be sent. so i might not post for a while until i can figure this stuff out, just let me know what i should if you could be so kind.

currently reading: palm sunday by kurt vonnegut, it's a collection of essays, interviews, and speeches and is, as always, very insightful. i have only 20 books with me and so perhaps when these are done you can send me more??? hopefully. thanks.

simon, i will eventually write you guys. i just can't charge the computer right now and i'm freaking out about it. it's a problem.

lee, i am 14 hours ahead of you.

pete, yes, teaching is sort of crazy, especially when the kids barely know their own language (some of them are but 3 years old). i will check out m. ward when i have my charging problem fixed.

rachel, had 2 more electrocutions, making that a trilogy of electrocutions. nope, sorry, no one can take that phrase, that's the name of my first korea album, i've just decided it. so yes,there's my first self fulfilling prophecy.

wesley, i replied in the comments of last post

jackie, you have no doubt gotten my frantic emails.



    i have not gotten any email from you.

    the power need to get it in korea. its about the size of a shoebox and its real heavy. I bought mine at like an emart or one of those big stores. Your director will know best. and what about the foreigner at your school? shouldn't he know where to get a converter? It should be about 40 or 50 bucks. sorry i didn't get any emails...i had no idea you were all frantic. Remember you can always go to PC Bangs for a dollar an hour to get quick internet access.

  2. josh! i'm so excited for you. i really want to come see you sometime before july. i mean, if i could choose 1 thing that i could do in that span of time, it would be to come see you.
    i decided this past weekend to go home at the end of march. it's going to be weird. but, hopefully that would give me time to plan a tour of asia!!
    i miss you tons. you are in my thoughts constantly.
    mk bai!

  3. well, josh... i had a few other things as links but then blogspot said "no" and erased all that I had just written. Basically, what Jackie is talking about, the "brick," is what is recommended for use.
    Here's a link from apple for their global travel kit for the different plug types:

    and one website said,
    "DO NOT USE a power converter unless it specifically states it's for delicate electronic equipment. If you need to change the voltage use a transformer. A power converter can damage your computer. "


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