Friday, March 6, 2009

more americans

i met a few americans last night at an ex-pat bar. one of them is this shy straight edge guy from florida who goes to the bar with his friends to be social. tonight, he's taking me to seoul to go see a hardcore show. so that should be good. fancy beer is expensive here. a single duvel cost about 11,000w, so about 6.50$.

last night, me and some people went to the food court at the homeplus and bought food...they have these models to show you what you're going to get, and the one i wanted had beef or chicken and so i copied down the number and the hangul for "chicken" and they lady looked at me strangely. so when i got my food, i realized that it was chicken or beef, it was chicken and beef. so i got the following: fried rice omelette with chicken, fried rice omelette with beef, two pork cutlets, two bowls of soup, one salad, bowl of radishes, kimchi, and french fries. it was only 6$. the rice omelettes were pretty spectacular. i was a bit embarrassed, in no way did i need that much food, so my co teachers helped me eat some and we wasted a good bit. i took the bus and a cab for the first time. i don't know why, but my tolerance is incredibly low now and it doesn't take much for me to have had "too much." last night was one of those cases. so it was a desperate situation, we left the bar around 3am and someone told us that buses close down at we were planning on walking 30 minutes home in the cold while drunk. luckily we found the taxi and it was only 2$ for the ride.

drunk korean people like to all put their arms around each other and stumble around. it's cute.

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  1. so much for dieting! so tell me this: do drunk americans in korea like to put their arms around each other and stumble around??


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