Thursday, March 26, 2009

sorry about that...

well, i had to briefly close down the blog because a relative found it...i don't know how...either way, it's been an eventful week. a bad week, but an eventful one.

1) the other night, i went out to eat with patraig...we thought we'd go local instead of taking the bus into the main part of town. we just randomly picked something off of the menu and when it came out he said "oh..." and i said "what?" and he let me know that we had just ordered a meal of pig intestine and tongue. a really big plate of it. so i tried it. the tongue was actually pretty good. it tasted like turkey, but a bit more chewy...before i tried the intestine, i asked him how bad it was on a scale from 1-10 because he had had it before. he said a 7...i tried it, it was only a 4 though. i think the thought of it was the most alarming thing...i only ate 3 pieces, he ate 1...leaving us with about.....oh, a whole f***ing plate of pig instestines. so we got it to go and gave it to one of our american co-teachers who is a notorious stick in the mud and refuses to try any of the food. we told her it was sausage. we asked her how it was the next day and she said she liked it and had eaten about half of it. then we told her what it was. it was pretty great.

2) went to the hospital three times because of my arm. my bruise got really bad. the second visit, they mentioned something about an mri...luckily, i didn't need one and they said i'll be fine...

3) my job is horrible. i left a comment in a student's book saying they were very good and not very disruptive...the truth is that the kid is the most disruptive student i have, but we're not allowed to write anything negative, because we wouldn't want to upset the parents by letting them know that their children were bad at school. the mom called, completely read it as me saying that her kid is always very disruptive (which he is) and is very mad. i asked if she knew english...the answer was "not really" but my boss still believes her and thinks i wrote something horrible. so i told my boss "well look, i'm the one who speaks english fluently and she admittedly doesn' excuse me if this sounds like a misunderstanding" and she then told all the other teachers what i did and is expecting to find fault in whatever i wrote in order to push more classes on me (for which i expect overtime compensation for, since i'm working 45 hours a week as it is).

i don't know. it's just been stressful here. the days go by much more quickly now and that's nice. i'm kind of easing into it...and for the most part, the bosses have laid off was just hard because i only had one arm and couldn't really be normal this week. it's really cold and windy! i don't get to walk or ride my bike as much...i'm getting a paid skype account soon so i'll be able to call people on their cell phones and stuff. ok, i'm going now. hope everyone is well.

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