Tuesday, March 10, 2009

all i wanna do is...BICYCLE!

hello again. let's see...new news. i guess last night i did some serious shopping and bought a lamp. that was a big purchase...it makes everything in my room more bearable. i can read at home now and i don't have to keep going out to find a place that's nice to read in. the kids have been horrible and the principals want us to plan lessons like we're at a private school but want us to discipline like we're at a playschool. the fact that they can't just come out and say that it's a business and they don't care if the kids learn or not really bothers me. it would save everyone so much trouble...i have a kid who falls asleep in 50% of our classes and so in her daily little book that i write comments in for the parents,i said it...but i'm apparently not supposed to write negative things about how children are brats in the school their parents are paying potentially half their income a month for. if i had a kid i was spending half my income on, i'd be sure they were learning...but i supposedly should only write good things, even if the child is the devil incarnate...and tomorrow we have the parents coming in to watch a class...i can only hope that the kids are more well behaved in the presence of their parents...

i'm listening to noel hart's album right now and i think it's pretty amazing. he did it all in a month. i should probably apply myself too and maybe i'd make something worth listening to as well. i guess buying a guitar is in order...but i shouldn't spend too much money right now because i bought a bike today. i don't quite understand the concept of the gears because things are in korean. so there's something i turn on the left and something i turn on the right...so yeah...it probably means something...but i bought it at the homeplus and it was 99,000 won, so about 66$! it's my early birthday present to myself. so i got it and took all the plastic stuff off and rode it home. it only took about 10 minutes instead of 30...so it's a really great thing to have because the town i live in is only 121 square km. so i could basically ride from one end of the town and back. so i'm excited about my newfound mobility. tomorrow evening is exploration time. i'm quite shocked that i rode as well as i did seeing as how i haven't really ridden one in a while. they're even letting me keep it in the basement so i don't have to worry about it getting stolen at night. huzzah! i also splurged tonight and didn't eat korean food. i know, i know. i went and got a pepperoni pizza from a place down the block called "i love pizza." i was skeptical certainly...it was about 4$ for a freshly made medium size pizza and so i went for it. surprisingly, it was pretty great. not much to speak of in terms of sauce...there wasn't really any...and the pepperonis didn't look red, they looked more like ham, but they tasted like pepperonis...it hit the spot and not the wallet. there's a papa john's, but the prices are astronomical. like 22$ for a pepperoni pizza! oh well, i cheated. maybe it's okay if i have american food once a week. the lunches at school are just devolving rapidly...even the other guy who's interested in trying the food can't stand it anymore. cold soup is the real killer. they have some pretty phenomenal salad in korea that uses yogurt as the dressing and i can't believe they don't do this in america. i eat salad almost every meal now because of this! oh! i almost forgot!!! funniest thing in the world...so one of the teachers hired with me is what i would call a stereotypical american...i mean, this is what people must think we all are...but i found out from patraig that he apparently BROUGHT MEAT FROM AMERICA IN HIS LUGGAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness, i thought i could've just died right then. it makes me hate him a little...but it's really funny to me...you don't understand...i'm a big guy, but he has me by at least 100lbs...and he deep freezed meat and kept it in a cooler during his 18 hour flight because i guess he thought they only eat dogs and tiger penises over here or something...

ok, well, i'm going to go now. i have downloaded flight of the conchords which demands to be watched. write me back, jerks.


  1. thanks for lettin me into this blog. you pretty much rock josh

  2. now all I wanna do is bike! it must be awesome to all of the sudden have transportation figured out.

    though.... i hear you can ride scooters over there too!!!! :)

  3. oh you do not want to ride scooters over here. people drive like maniacs.

  4. it's a really good fotc.
    everyone keeps asking about you at work.
    glad you have a reliable way to get around now.
    asian countries have completely cornered the market on all things salad dressing, imo.
    - lindsey

  5. so i related your devil children woes to my brother, who spent 13 months stationed in s. korea and 6+ months before that studying all things korean. here is what he said. due to the patriarchy in s. korea, boys are not disciplined until they hit the age of 6 or 7. and by not disciplined, he means literally not scolded or corrected in any way. they are just allowed to run amok. but once they enter primary school, they are disciplined like crazy, like they're under martial law. it sucks that you have the kids in they're insane and unruly(ed) stage. :(

  6. i misspelled "their" in the above comment. i am mortified.


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