Saturday, March 28, 2009

please leave me the bones

so we had a birthday party at school yesterday. the first video is of the kids playing their new favorite game. someone shouts the name of a teacher and the children consume them until someone suggests they move on to another teacher. the second video is of me being told to sing in front of the kids. we didn't really know what to sing and so i tried to remember how to sing "if you're happy and you know it" while fending off that monstrous little boy, ryan.

last night me and some people went to a bar. there was drama. person a likes person b, person b likes person c, person a sees person b kissing person c, etc. i left and tried to get a cab, but again, no cab driver would give me a i walked home around 2 am again only to find that person b was already back and that they had brought person c home with them. i should point out here that i am not person a, b, or c. it was just a very awkward night...i guess that's what i get for going to a bar...

i have a skype account now! this means that i can call you from my computer. i tried it out today and talked to a few of i'll call more people when the time is better. right now, it's about 3:30am in georgia...which sucks because it's 4:30pm here...but to make unlimited calls for a month is only about 3$ for me, so i'm rather pleased...oh, my phone is dead as well and i don't have a charger and so i can't get your numbers unless you send them to me. if you'd like for me to give you a call, please email your number to me at feel free to include other numbers for people i might want to talk to. i think i have a number as well, but i don't know it. in other news, i'm going to guam next thursday to get a work visa. oh, i got a letter in the mail from courtney burton. she always makes the best cards and her handwriting looks like a font or something because it's so perfect. either way, it made my day. so you should all write me letters. hope everyone's well.

UPDATE: i figured out my whole online number thing. if i call you from skype, the number 678-500-9326 will show up and that's the number you can call me at as well. i have to be at my computer to answer, but i have a number now. so put it in your phones! this way you can screen your calls and decide whether or not to answer me!


  1. Hey, sorry I missed your calls earlier! I think it's probably too late to call now...I think it must be like four in the morning there. So Zach and I would like to try to call you back tonight or tomorrow morning! Gosh, I didn't realize how much I missed your voicemail messages until I got yours today!

  2. ahhhh those videos make me happyface.


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