Sunday, March 15, 2009


new guitar!!! i played a few and liked this one the best, and it was one of the cheapest ones. the guy also gave me a free capo, strings, picks, and a gig bag. yay for guitar!

p.s. don't mind the unshowered picture of me.


  1. Josh, I was perusing photos of your childhood (and I also saw a photo of Will's bio mom with her 2 red headed cousins from her youth) and I realized two things: one--why do people insist on cutting their redheaded children's hair in those awful bowl cuts?! and Two--you kept that same really bad hair cut at least until you were 17 years old!! That's terrible!! Even on an unshowered nasty hair day such as today, you look 10000000% better. The beard suits you as well. If you have boy babies one day, you should buy little tie-on beards for them until they being to grow their facial hair :)

  2. gee-tarr!...ditto-yay!...

    glad yr well (on the mend?)...


    john & erin.


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