Saturday, April 18, 2009

some videos/update

the first video is of dean/doy-un. everyone says "dean-gu" and it makes me think: "a dean-gu ate my baby."

irene is my favorite kid at school. she is tiny and sweet and it is easy to throw her in the air. all the other kids were giving me flowers at the park, but she gave me a rock.

it's been a rotten week. i don't really feel like writing about it...but my job got bad again...or correction, my bosses got bad again. i woke up this morning (saturday) to get my health check at the hospital for my alien registration card. my good boss took me out to lunch for some amazing chinese food. i ate some mysterious seafood creatures that i've never seen before. one of them was a full blown squid, but it was a baby one that you could fit in the palm of your hand. one bite and mr. squid was gone.

tonight, my friends brianna and rachel want to go to a "booking club" and they want me and padraig to come as well. a booking club is a place where people go to meet each other...i guess it's for shy people, or at least that's how it was presented to me by my boss...but the guys are seated at tables and then the waiters bring girls to your table so that you can talk to them. it's like a bar or something and you (the male) buy the drinks. so girls go there to meet guys and get free drinks. padraig and i are a bit dodgy about it, but supposedly they have been before and it's fun...but they're girls, they are the reason that the boys are there, etc. so it's under consideration. if i go, i'll definitely post pictures of me with a bunch of korean girls who can't speak english.


  1. Josh,
    What you're describing almost sounds like a brothel except there's no guarantee that you're going to get laid... you just spend all your money. That's super weird. But maybe you should just try it once so that you'll always have the experience... and so you can write about how weird or fantastical it was.

  2. are you sure that it's not just padraig who's dodgy since he's the brit? :) i fear i'll hardly recognize your new skinny, british self upon your return!

  3. still not british. still not skinny.


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