Friday, April 10, 2009

elton john and sad memories.

i played poker tonight w/the koreans again. i paid 20,000w and won 40,000w! apparently, i could've cashed out way earlier...if i would've known this before 4:30 in the morning, i would've done so when i was around 150,000w at 1:30am.=( but it was fine...i made enough to pay for my whole night out at the cost of being terribly anti-social towards the people i had met up with.

me and padraig ate at a "barbecue" place. "barbecue" in korea means that you cook something over coals and has nothing to do w/any type of sauce. tonight though, we ventured to a new one and they didn't have a picture menu so we just let the waitress pick our was some sort of pork dish (of course) and THERE WERE BONES IN IT...little tiny bones. tongue is one thing, but bones are a different thing altogether...especially tiny little bones that crunch when you accidentally bite became clear to us that we didn't understand something about this dish...i bit into a bone and it crunched and i gagged so hard that i nearly vomited.

on the way home from the bar, i walked because i don't even try to get cab rides anymore because they won't give them to me it's about a 20-30 minute walk. i took the long way home and got here around 5am. i didn't see another person on the street at all. it's got a population bigger than atlanta and no one was out. it felt like a post-apocalyptic zombie movie and freaked me out. this place is bitterly alone.

i'm going to record some this weekend and then i'm going to the cherry blossom festival. the cherry blossoms only bloom for about 10 days a year and then it's gone. the trees are all gorgeous and have light pink and white flowers all over them. so i will put up a lot of pictures soon hopefully.

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