Tuesday, April 21, 2009

nothing more than a green mist

so hey guys. having a bit of homesickness. i don't know why really. it's cold here, really cold...my clothes haven't dried yet from the wash. i'm on bus duty this week, so i have to wake up an hour earlier to get the kids. i still can't go to bed before midnight though. so i'm sleepy. all the time. my friends and i booked a few nights in busan for vacation. i don't really care if we do anything. i just don't want to work for a few days. i want to talk on the telephone. i want to like kimchi. i want to not be a stranger in a strange place. don't forget about me.


  1. ohh kimchi. not good. hey i have a good friend from korea. her name is kyong. you should talk to her. shes on my facebook.

  2. We haven't forgotten you, Josh! One day you'll look back on this as a fantastic experience, and you won't remember being homesick at all.


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