Sunday, April 5, 2009

guam pictures

first picture: our hotel was a bit far from everything and it was a 10$ round trip cab ride. so i hung out at the hotel on friday night. i walked to the gas station and bought 2 of the nicest beers they had (rolling rock) and read a book on the balcony. it was one of my favorite recent memories.
picture 2: this is me standing in front of our island. i lied when i said i didn't meet hurley or time travel. am i or am i not wearing the perfect beach attire? it wasn't really planned. i was walking and it was like "oh, there's the beach"

picture 3: my obligatory postcard picture.
picture 4: another picture of the island. i had never seen the ocean be blue before. if you go to florida or wherever, the ocean is brown, but here it's a perfect blue. people were taking little canoes or swimming to the island because the water is especially shallow right here.

what else...i finished "god bless you mr. rosewater" a while ago. i thought the ending was phenomenal. vonnegut really knows how to pull it together sometimes. i felt so thrilled that he ended it the way he did. i started "shalimar the clown" by rushdie yesterday. it's great as usual. rushdie has yet to disappoint me, for which i am grateful. i have postcards to mail, so send me your addresses.


  1. Good God, Josh. I don't know where all those beers and korean food smorgasbords are going to because you look like you're wasting away! That t-shirt looks like you're drowning in it!!! In other words, I totally hate you and can't wait to start the 100 cal breakfast/lunch diet :)

  2. oh, and by the way... the florida water where I am is green to blue-green and you can see through it most of the time. But caribbean blue water is just a little bit more beautiful. you can come visit my beach when you're all through with korea.

  3. josh, you need to eat something!!!!!


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