Thursday, April 2, 2009

in guam

i arrived in guam last night at 1:40am. i was pulled aside by customs and questioned for about 1/2 an hour. the whole time i was thinking "don't look at my visa application...i don't want to go home" see, doing a visa run is illegal. you have to get it before you leave, but i didn't have that kind of time.

i was wearing a sweater and a jacket in seoul, but when i got here it was 27 degrees celsius or 80 degrees farenheit...and that was at 2am...right now, it's 90 degrees. i'm sweating like crazy... it's been so cold in korea. i was ill prepared. so i slept 4 hours and went to the consul this morning and put in all my work and they didn't even interview me. so i was very happy. i should pick up my papers this afternoon and then i have all day and tomorrow off to do whatever...but i do have a 3:20am flight back to korea on sunday morning.

i also got a haircut about 45 minutes ago. i thought "i need to get a haircut where they speak english" and it's a funny way things go, but i just walked into a salon and they gave me a korean woman who didn't really speak it goes...but i'm pleased with it and i won't have to worry about it for a while, so i'm happy. what am i going to do in guam? suggestions?

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  1. i think the better question is WHAT DOES GUAM LOOK LIKE? i seem to think it's some island paradise, but is that even the case? it just seems like you've taken this non-chalant day-trip to guam and it's not a big deal to travel there. MORE GUAM INFO, PLS!


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