Saturday, April 4, 2009

josh, get your plane right on time...

my co-worker vanished. no one in the hotel has seen her. she's not in her room. our flight leaves in a few hours and we have to be at the airport in advance. should i just leave her? this is open for discussion. in spite of really not wanting to hear her talk anymore, i think it would be bad for me to go back without her.

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  1. i know it's too late for my opinion, but you should just leave her. She's a grown up and should have her shit together to know when her plane is leaving and when she needs to be at the airport. By no means should you ever risk missing a flight unless it's for a loved one or you're both in the airport and the other person is a fatass who can't move fast enough to run to the terminal. Those are possibly the only situations when you have to stick around for the other person!


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