Monday, April 20, 2009

booking club

so i went to the booking club...but it didn't work out so hot. to refresh your memories, a booking club is a place where guys go, buy a table, and then the hosts bring girls to your table so that you can hit it off...girls go to meet guys and get treated like pieces of meat and to get free drinks. padraig and i went, but we were with our friends briana and rachel.
they didn't understand that we weren't their boyfriends even though we told them over and over. we paid 40,000w for the table, a table that seats 4. there were four of us. since we were sitting with the girls, it made it look like we were doing what we were supposed to be doing, talking to girls, so they never got dragged away and we never had any girls brought to us. it was funny. we left eventually so that the girls could meet some guys and as soon as we left they took them to some. one was apparently very good looking, but his friend was passed out drunk. it was a crazy place to be. there were light shows, dj's, bands w/choreography, and a "sexy show" in which the male dancers ultimately went down to thongs. they cater to a female audience mainly...i think that 90% of the people in that place were women...we were told that we have to go w/out girls one time...but i can't foresee that happening. i can meet girls at the grocery store or something. i'll post more pictures of this event later, i took some video as well. in the end, padraig and i went to the bar to play pool and were quickly joined by rachel and briana who told us that they didn't find what they were looking for and decided that they would settle for second best.
and this picture is just of me and irene, the best little girl in the world.

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