Saturday, June 13, 2009

why teaching koreans profanity is a mistake

me, padraig, and briana met up w/some koreans we met last week. we had dinner and as the conversation rolled on they asked us if we knew korean slang. we didn't know what he meant, but he meant profanity. so he taught us some choice phrases, one of which was "you are so f***ing beatufiul". this phrase is supposedly one of the more offensive things you can say to someone who is not a very close offensive to the point of tears. i don't quite understand, because at the very worst in the states it would still be taken as a compliment, if not a coarse compliment. they seemed to already know our curse words and so in order to teach them something new and interesting, we taught them (forgive me) "cum dumpster."

once they understood what it meant and that it was maybe one of the most offensive things you could say to a woman, they started using it a lot.

we went to a bar later on. some korean girls were hanging out with us and we were teaching them how to play pool and darts. one girl was a bit of a handful, but the other was perfectly sweet and agreeable. both girls were being flirty and stuff. it's not as though they spoke any english...but it was just nice to hang around girls again and i know that i am impervious to flirtation at this point in my life and to feel sort of...special? (maybe not the right word). we hung out with them for 5 or 6 hours and around the time the sun was coming up, we were finishing up a game of darts with them. we were playing teams and someone scored a bull's eye and so someone jokingly referred to someone else as a "cum dumpster" and it was exchanged back and forth a few times in jest (but only between the males). our korean friend decided it was a good idea to share the meaning of this phrase to the perfectly sweet and agreeable girl. she stormed off and sat in the booth. she cried and then tried to feign sleep. it was obvious that she thought that we had called her a cum dumpster. she had been flirtatious all night and then a word is explained to her that signifies a loose woman. i told him to tell her that it was not the case. he said that she knew or something along those lines...and still she had obviously been deeply offended. so i've not felt this bad in a very long time...and i didn't do anything as far as a know. the worst part of it is, she had told him (i'm guessing before the incident) that this was the best night of her life. so this evening makes me feel dirty and sick of myself. i can only hope that i see her again w/a different korean who can explain what happened and that i thought she was really nice and that i'm sorry...but now it's 6am and i should go to bed.


  1. that's sad, josh. you called your would-be korean girlfriend a whore!

  2. wait a second....out of all the horribly filthy things in the English language (of which i consider myself a connoisseur) you chose "cum dumpster" to start them out with?! That's a little advanced. It requires at least three levels before it with a moderate to complete understanding of each to be able to appropriately and effectively use "cum dumpster"

  3. wesley, sadly they already knew so many curse words and combinations. we felt bad because they were teaching us such new phrases and so we had to offer them something similar. when we told them we didn't know korean curse words one of them said "welcome to korean slang school." it was pretty charming.

  4. Well, despite the terrible ending to the night that's a good story. And a Korean dude saying "welcome to Korean slang school." does sound really charming. Maybe you should just go for one of the dudes they sound easier to get along with and goodness knows they're pretty enough. The next story i want to hear is you going to a Korean gay bar!


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