Sunday, June 7, 2009

in silver piles of smiles

so, i have put up pictures! this is a picture of some of the kids hanging out on a giant wooden frog. it had rusty nails sticking out of it. that's korea for you! the picture below is a crazy upside down house. it was an incredibly disorienting experience and i felt like i was going to fall up the whole time.

then below we have a picture of padraig and briana w/some korean dudes we met in the park on friday night. we were having some beers in the park and b. and p. had to get more from the convenience store. so there were some 40 westerners at the park and these 4 koreans off to the side. so while they were gone i went and started talking to them. they were really nice. they had a guitar and played some songs, accompanied by their soulful/drunken croons. it was pretty smooth. one of the guys wants to make music. he told me he was making a "digital single" and that "it's going to be all about sex and will be r&b." i got their numbers at the end of the night when one of them said that it didn't matter if we could communicate or not, we just need to get together and have fun and drink. that seems to be the mindset.
the picture below is of the door to the restrooms in our school. "happy toilet! have a nice time with our special love." i have no idea what that's supposed to mean, but i do know that i didn't notice it for a few months.

and lastly, here is a photo of me looking real classy with a mustache. for the record, everyone here liked it more. koreans hate my facial hair, that combined w/everything else about me is the reason why i will never have a girlfriend here. but i shaved the mustache and had nothing but stubble for a day or two...but in two days or so, i'll have a beard again regardless of what any korean girl says.


  1. ahhh hahaha! so many funny things! "Special Love" I'm glad you're feeling better now. You look REALLY malnourished, Josh! You're so skinny! And while the moustache is super classy, i really tend to like the beard on you better!

  2. malnourished is far from where i am. i'm still a whale compared to every korean. btw, if you ever want to feel ugly, come to south korea.

  3. well, that's only because South Koreans are freaks. But actually, of all the oriental folk: chinks, japs, whatnot, the Koreans seem to be the chubbiest. They also have the biggest boobs. Maybe you should find some of those and hang out with them. Since I have no desire to feel any uglier than I already am, I think I will pass on the visit. But thanks!!

  4. lee, i don't know where you heard that koreans are chubby...oh man, they're skeletal...and the women do not have big boobs at all! they're very self conscious about it and so they show like 5 miles of legs. one of my korean friends told me that all the women in america have such big boobs and so americans are not attracted to koreans.

  5. hey josh!
    this is travis!
    just wanted to let you know that martina had her baby yesterday and everything went well!
    i'm actually holding him right now and trying to type this message on a laptop that won't stay balanced on my knee. Have fun in korea and call me sometime 7704023684.

    Later skater,


  6. t-rave, whoa, you have another baby. are you guys going to have like 8 more and get a cable show or something? i think you just need to go ahead and convert to mormonism or something. i'll give you a call soonish. what's your bed time/wake up time? i'm 13 hours ahead.


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