Saturday, August 22, 2009

i shaved my head and tried to be a monk

so as last updated, i have a crush on a bartender and she likes me too. well, we are going on a date. hooray, i'm coming out of retirement. in korea, bartenders are allowed to drink on the job. go figure. but we did some shots and i tried out my korean.
me:namjachingu isseuyo? (do you have a boyfriend?)
her: ubseuyo (no).
me: namjachingu wanani? (do you want a boyfriend?)
so i asked her on a date and she said yes and gave me her number. i'm surprised that it was so easy...too easy...either way, i have no idea what we'll do or what we'll talk about. my korean is so limited and her english is as well. she told one of my friends that she's worried that she's too old (she's 29, 30 in korean age). then we danced (well, she danced and i kind of shuffled my feet because i can't dance). when i was leaving she walked down the stairs to say goodbye and i slipped on the stairs. it was embarrassing. i wasn't looking at the stairs because i was looking at her while walking. oh well, i'm trying to figure out what to do on a date. any suggestions?


  1. it's cute like a puppy missing its two hind legs and having to use one of those little doggie wheelchairs.

  2. maybe you two can go karaoke-ing... or see a movie... you know, something that doesn't require a lot of talking to each other. Oh, and you should both probably drink a bit... then maybe make out. Just because.

  3. you should get a job working for her powerful father who makes you do questionable things, then she'll learn english so she can leave you when you guys go to visit america then some other stuff happens or something.

  4. it would be great though if i forgot english so that when some other stuff happened in a mysterious location she would be the only one able to communicate with others, though eventually, i would come around and pick up some of my former language here and there and in 3 years time, i would be fluent again, only to join a mysterious organization with my new island friends.


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